✨Being happy and being a good man are two things we often want to have in life. Sometimes we don’t understand that these two things go hand in hand. Doing good deeds can bring tons of happiness: both for the recipient and for the giver. Nobody loses, when it comes to kindness. There are not many people who can see the connection between good deeds and personal happiness, and even if they do, only few of them get motivated by it. But it’s just so easy.

📝If you look at someone’s wish list, you will most likely see something simple, something that you already have and you don’t even need it and forgot you had it long ago.

🎸It can be your old guitar or 👗your prom dress. Or maybe you have skills in painting🎨, or developing, or you’re a teacher and you can share you experience with others. Let’s learn not only how to get presents, but how to give them too. Doing good deeds and helping other – it’s just so simple!